Talk of the President of the EMU at the International Conference “Russia and the Islamic World”.

Abu Bakr Rieger, President of the European Muslim Union at the International Conference

“Russia and the Islamic World: Partnership for the Sake of Stability”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour to have been invited to participate in this event, as a European Muslim, in this wonderful city. And it is not only an honour, it is also a tremendous intellectual challenge to be part of defining the positive role of Islam and the European Muslims on the Eurasian continent. I believe that all of us, whether Muslim or not, are grateful that the age of Europe’s division is over.

It is very clear that the new Eurasian order can only succeed and can only lead to lasting peace if the great continental nations – especially Turkey, Russia and Germany – work closely with one another. All of these countries are home to significant numbers of young Muslims.”

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