Quebec City: is it a blueprint for things to come in Europe?

The European Muslim Union (EMU) is shocked by murderous terror attack in Canadian Mosque

STRASBOURG (EMU) – The armed attack on the Islamic Cultural Center in Canada’s Quebec City on Sunday, 29th January, which led to the murder of six men and to the injury of at least eight more provoked reactions within the Muslim communities of Europe. Many Muslims and non-Muslims alike are seeing these terror attacks as a consequence of the escalating rhetorics of hate against Muslims since 9/11.

The attacker, a ‘lone wolf’ according to Canadian officials, was a young student with strong tendencies to the extreme right and anti-Muslim movements in Europe and the US. Media cited for example his interest in the infamous French party Front National under Marine Le Pen.

Abu Bakr Rieger, president of the European Muslim Union, spoke about the underlying backgrounds of the terror attack in Canada: “This manifestation of terror does not emerge out of a vacuum. Every terrorist act has been prepared by an escalation of language and an abandonment of logic. For example, who speaks about ‘invasion’ of strangers and who tries to declare an exceptional case into a norm, creates already a nihilistic atmosphere. This in turn prepares the ground for madness”.

In light of this possibility for frightening escalations, EMU is calling to Muslims and non-Muslims to work together for an atmosphere and a climate which prevents these outburst in the European society. Furthermore, the European agencies – as well as the national authorities – have to monitor closely those parties and movements which offer a breeding ground. Out of which, those attacks might arise.

And, in direction towards those critics of Islam and Muslims in Europe: if Muslims have to take a clearly defined stance against extremism and violence than media, publicists and movement on the other side will have to distance themselves clearly and honestly from any use of violence against Muslims and their institutions in the west.

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