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EMU is an association based in Strasbourg (France) which work on the field of Human Rights, on the struggle against racism and discrimination, on the democracy, on the active citizenship, on youth, on living together in harmony and also on the intercultural dialogue.

EMU depends the discussion of minorities in European Countries to create a more cohesive, solidarity, homany Vibran in Europe

EMU is an independent organization that aims at consolidating the values of pluralism and justice, while developing long-term strategies and programmes that contribute to the political development, economic prosperity, and social cohesion for the people all accros Europe and all amoung the world.

EMU Presentation


EMU is member of European Parliament Registry of Transparence.

What is Really EMU ?

The European Muslim Union (EMU) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2007 with the aim of promoting the interests and rights of Muslims in Europe. The organization’s headquarters is in Strasbourg, France.

The EMU seeks to provide a platform for Muslims in Europe to voice their concerns and to work towards improving their social, economic, and political status. It advocates for the recognition of Islam as a legitimate religion in Europe and for the integration of Muslims into European societies.

One of the EMU’s key objectives is to promote dialogue and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe. It seeks to counter negative stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and to promote mutual respect and cooperation between different religious and cultural communities.

The organization also works to support and empower Youth in Europe, providing educational and leadership opportunities and promoting their active participation in European society. 

In addition to its advocacy work, the EMU also provides a range of services to its members, including legal and financial advice, counseling services, and cultural events and activities.

The EMU is governed by a board of directors, which is elected by its members. The organization’s funding comes primarily from member contributions, donations and project funding.

Overall, the European Muslim Union is an important organization that plays a key role in promoting the interests and rights of Muslims in Europe, and in promoting dialogue and understanding between different religious and cultural communities.

12 Core Beliefs / Values/ Priorities (Star of Europe)

1° Dignity 

2° Human Right

3° Living Together

4° Youth

5° Sustainability

6° Social Cohesion

7° Democracy

8° Fight Again Racism

9° Citizenship

10° Respect

11° Education

12° Solidarity

EMU does not define itself as an organization with a political agenda which it would impose to its members to issue directives to member organization. We are a legal body, registered as a association into the association registry of Strasbourg court. EMU maintains close ties with the whole of the Islamic World.

European Muslims considers themselves as part of the European Societies in which they live: indeed the view themselves as the proof against the alleged confrontation between Europe and Islam.

EMU defends the local independence of Muslim Communities in Europe.

EMU organizes fact-finding mission about and understanding of the situation of Muslim communities; it encourages solidarity between Muslims and strives to secure the civic and Human Rights of European Muslims. It considers that the political representation of Muslims in the relevant deciding bodies is insufficient and aims to co-operate to improve this situation.

EMU decides on an annual basis regarding project of the European Muslims that are of importance all over Europe. EMU seeks support from all European Muslims for these recognized projects and for any initiatives involving new social models. The goal is to build up a specifically European Muslim infrastructures in the interest of Muslims living in Europe.

EMU encourages an active role for Muslim Women within these communities.



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