Interview with the President of the EMU Foundation on the Swiss ban on minarets

Abu Bakr Rieger, President of the EMU Foundation

The referendum in Switzerland on 29 November 2009 and its outcome have moved the public opinion and triggered an intense debate about rights to religious freedom. International organisations like the UN and the OSCE have immediately voiced their concern about the outcome of the referendum. We present an interview with the president of the EMU Foundation in which he expresses his thoughts on the outcome of the referendum.

Dear Mr. Rieger, what is the prohibition of minarets in Switzerland really about?

The erection of minarets in the case of new building projects is as of today prohibited. In effect Switzerland has made a decision with respect to religious freedom by means of a national referendum. This is of course a scandal. The majority was simply asked how the minority should practice its religion. Switzerland has established de facto a European “law of exception” in its dealings with minorities. Switzerland has already been informed by the UN and OSCE of this legal breach.

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