Security authorities have left Muslim organizations in the dark. What do German authorities know about threats to Muslims?

 Press Release 18.11.2011

The Board of the EMU wishes to express its shock at a series of attacks perpetrated by a right-wing group in Germany. For years, the German domestic intelligence service lost sight of the terrorists, even though they have been known since the 1990’s. Instead, the victims of attacks were suspected of being part of mafia-like structures.

The EMU points out that Muslims in Germany have long complained about the trivialisation of the anti-Islamic scene. Fearing further attacks from the right-wing milieu, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany and its President, Ayman Mazyek have demanded among other things more protection from the state: “We have asked the security authorities to take measures to protect Muslim establishments and their representatives.” The EMU supports this request.

According to information obtained by various newspapers, the “Zwickau-Cell” kept a list of people and places subject to potential attack. While the public debate about the security risk to politicians on the list is widely discussed, the threat level to “Islamic organizations” is discussed only in passing. However, the selection of the murder victims and the attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne imply a much greater risk to Turkish and Islamic organizations and their representatives.

According to information obtained by the EMU, Muslim organisations have asked the police in vain whether they are on these lists: the associations have received no clear answer up until today. A lot of Muslims are now demanding that the authorities inform the Muslims in the country whether they have new evidence regarding risks to their representatives. The EMU agrees with this request.

Concealment of such information, if available, would be a further indication of a disastrous inequality in Germany.

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