Emu Board Meeting – Public Talks – Round Table with Muslims from Balkan Countries

It is not an accident that Sarajevo was chosen as the location for the 5th EMU Board Meeting. Sarajevo is without doubt one of the capitals of the Muslims of Europe.

During a three day visit from 1. – 3. September 2005, members and guests of the EMU informed themselves about the current situation in Bosnia and Sarajevo.

The programme included meetings with personalities like the present Reis-ul-Ulema of Bosnia, Dr. Mustafa ef. Ceric, Ambassadors, former ministers of the Alija Izetbegovic administration and visits to Muslim institutions like the Islamic Faculty and the Bosnian Institute.

On Saturday, 3. September, a round table in the UNITIC Congress Center in Sarajevo with guests from different Balkan countries gave an opportunity to learn more about the situation of Muslims in the Balkans.

The Honorary President of the EMU, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalçıntaş opened the sessions of Saturday with his talk about the importance of the Muslim Community of Bosnia titled Bosnia as Part of the Muslim Community of Europe.

In his public talks the President of the EMU, Abu Bakr Rieger, presented a view on Islam in Bosnia and emphasised the importance of the Bosnian Muslims.

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