4th EMU Board Meeting in Granada

Presentation of the EMU and 4th EMU Board Meeting in Granada during the II. Commemoration of the Inauguration of the Mosque of Granada

The II. Commemoration of the Inauguration of the Mosque of Granada was an event that once again displayed the diversity and richness of Islam in Europe. Guests from all over Europe who came both for the Commemoration and the EMU Presentation were of all nationalities, colours and ages. Especially notable was the large group of young Muslims who displayed a colourful and vibrant picture.

The Opening Act, a Welcoming Reception by the Municipality of Granada on Thursday 7th July was a sign of mutual respect and appreciation.

With the Friday Prayer and the evening dinner, the guests were welcomed by the local Muslim community of Granada, a community known for its social warmth and hospitality, demonstrated on many occasions in the past, where they have welcomed and hosted guests from all over the world.

Saturday, 9th July was dedicated to a series of conferences on the theme of historical events and their unfolding which led to the present historical situation of Islam forming an alternative element in the destiny of Europe as a civilisation.

Sunday, 10th July was dedicated to the EMU Presentation with guests from different regions of Europe.

Among the guests were H.E. Muammar Zukorlic, Mufti of the Meshihat of Sanjak, Dr. Rexhep Boja, former Mufti of Kosovo and present Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Xhabir Hamiti, Professor for Quranic Studies at the same faculty, Mr. Rehat Faikoglu a Turkish representative of Western Thrace origin. Each of the representatives gave an overview of the situation of the Muslims and their activities and concerns in the specific region. The audience was especially touched by the description of the situation of the Muslims of Turkish origin in Western Thrace and the discrepancies they are undergoing.

On the evening of Sunday the second session of the 4th the EMU Board Meeting was held.

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