Weimar, a European Meeting Point

Question: Why has Weimar become an important meeting place for European Muslims?
Answer: Essentially it is about promoting positive, European self-confidence – especially among young Muslims. The city of Weimar and the figure of one of the greatest European poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, offer an ideal stage for this. It is not about a backward-looking romanticism, but about showing the astonishing topicality of Goethe for current debates. The two new museums dealing with the Bauhaus and the Weimar Republic also refer to current issues of our time.

Question: Which of Goethe’s contributions are particularly interesting for Muslims?
Answer: Goethe was undoubtedly a universal genius. His work still influences the political, economic, scientific and religious debates of our time. His open and interesting discussion of Islam is well- known. His handling of the phenomenon of Muslims in Europe is still a lesson in constructive rapprochement; and Muslims can also learn from Goethe’s insights – one only has to think of his pessimistic attitude towards ideologies and his rejection of nationalism.

Question: What does EMU offer on this topic in Weimar?

Answer: We organize city tours in Weimar that are of great interest to young Muslims. During the tour, Muslims not only become acquainted with the period of Weimar Classicism, the houses of Goethe and Schiller, but also the disastrous role of ideologies and nationalism in Germany. In addition to the city tour, there is also an introductory lecture to the history of the city and the work of Goethe.

Question: Are there any other offers?
Answer: Of course, we also offer lectures in the cities of our interested partners in Europe. The topics can be individually coordinated, and in addition to the introductory lecture on the relevance of Goethe for Muslims today, we also offer an introduction to Faust, Goethe’s famous major work.

Note: If you are interested please send an email to our media department (media@emunion.eu).

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