“For EMU, good relations to Turkey and Morocco are very important”

Granada: European Muslims can profit from experiences in the fight against extremism

Granada (EMU) – On 24th July 2016, the president of the European Muslim Union (EMU), Abu Bakr Rieger, met in Granada (Spain) with Ustadh Muhammad Al Ja’adi. The representative of the Ministry for Awqaf (Islamic Foundations) and Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Morocco spoke during a symposia on “Islam in Europe”.

The main focus of this yearly event was this time the urgent subject of the prevention of extremism. Al Ja’adi presents the answer of the Moroccan Kingdom. He also outlined the role the believing Muslims in the Maghreb are playing inside this important endeavor.

Rieger himself spoke on this event about the necessity of balance in finding working answers to those extreme forms of political Islam.

Both speakers conferred after their lectures about the perspectives of the fight against extremism in this North African country as well as the necessity for close cooperation. Both agreed on furthering this exchange. “For EMU, good relations to Turkey and Morocco are very important. The European Muslims can profit from their experiences,“ said EMU president Abu Bakr Rieger.

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