German President visits famous mosque in Germany

PENZBERG (EMU) – Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited the Islamic community in Penzberg, Bavaria on 2nd December. The city’s mosque is known throughout Europe for its modern architecture. In Penzberg, the head of state was impressed saying, “Exactly what I want for our country – curiosity about each other and respect for each other.”

He added: “In this respect, something is happening here that we would really like to have: a growing together of people of different faiths as respectfully as we experience it here in Penzberg.” Steinmeier was received among others by the Imam of the Islamic community, Benjamin Idriz.

Steinmeier thanked the people who met the Islamic community and their relatives with so much openness and respect. Steinmeier emphasized that in the Islamic community more and more sermons were given in German, that education was accorded great importance and that one was teaching and learning in the German language. In this respect, Penzberg could be a model for many communities, especially in the urban areas.

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