Building Bridges to the European Heritage

The European Muslim Union (EMU) invited guests to Weimar, the heart of German culture and the city of Goethe and Schiller for a one-day seminar on “Goethe and his relationship with Islam”.

Sulaiman Wilms, Chief Editor of Islamische Zeitung, Dr. Manfred Osten, Goethe Specialist

Weimar (EMU) – On 5th January 2013 the European Muslim Union, in cooperation with the Islamische Zeitung – Germany’s leading Muslim publication – and the Al Farooq Mosque and Center, Dubai, extended an invitation to a well-attended seminar in Weimar. In addition to the very interesting and informative lecture there was a thematic tour through the heart of German culture followed by a lunch with participants at which there was a chance for the guests to interact. Afterwards the guests visited the home of the great European and free thinker Goethe at the close of the event.

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