Opening New Horizons of Islamic Memory in Ukraine

Dr. Mykhaylo Yakubovych (Ostroh, Ukraine) about the Muhammad Asad Islamic Cultural Center in Lviv

Ostroh (EMU) – By June 5, 2015, “Western capital” of Ukraine (as sometimes city of Lviv is called) hosted very unusual event: opening ceremony of the new Islamic cultural center. This seems to be really something new for the contemporary Lviv, since the region of Galicia often considered as one of the most traditional Christian areas of Ukraine. Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church has a very strong position here and most of religious activities are related to the Christian background. Nevertheless, the city of Lviv (founded in 13th century), being one of the the most oldest in Ukraine, in the past was a long-term living place not only for Christians, but also for Jews and Muslims.

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