Europe is challenged

EMU takes part at the International High-Level Working Session Muslim Communities Response to Extremism at the European Parliament on 24th May

Strasbourg (EMU) – Europe is going through a lot of changes, especially the rise of far right movements and populist political discourse targeting Islam and Muslim communities.

EMU participated in a Round Table in EU parliament where experts from Muslim communities were invited in Europe to discuss the European Muslims’ own response to extremism and how they can contribute to stop it with their own efforts.

The Working session was initiated by EMISCO (European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion) with the support Afzal Khan (Vice-Chair of Security and Defence Committee and S&D Special Representative to Muslim Communities).

Inside the European area, the Muslim Community lacks PR and active citizenship. To promote themselves, they were advised to build-up a platform to share information, recommendation, concrete examples and good practises.

Many countries see Islam and Muslim as a threat. There are extremist groups like PEGIDA who found a lot of support. For better living together, Muslims have to take part actively at every level of the society.

In Western countries, there is a systematically feeling of otherness because immigrants are always asked about their origin. The answer of “French”, “Italien”, “Spanish” have to be enough, was the consensus of the participants.

Europe is living in peace since 50 years. After the Second World War, the Europeans linked together to build-up a peaceful civilisation. Today, we are challenged by xenophobia, islamophobia, racism and discrimination.

The session was closed by Dr. David Friggieri (Coordinator of the European Commission Coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred), who remarked that he will take his notes to report all the issues discussed to the European Commission.

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